£4.00 - £11.00

Future Egg (2 issues and ‘zine bundle’ available. See options)

Each issue is 32 pages inc. colour covers and B&W interior pages.

Issue 1 (red):
5 short stories featuring Future Egg and his friends; catering students who just want to chill out, play video games, eat nachos, have Kurt Russell marathons, and maybe find love while they’re at it, but in the future of robots, punk ghosts, malevolent aliens and genetically superior catering school bullies, it ain’t always that easy.

Issue 2 (blue):
Continuing on from events in the first issue, Future Egg 2 is a stand-alone story following a different group of friends from the catering academy, who find themselves in over their heads, but too distracted by their new surroundings, personal desires and petty rivalries to notice.

+ zine bundle option includes:

•FE zine (24 pages, including designs, comic making process and production diary)
•FE bonus one-page comic
•FE postcard
•’Bastard Galaxia’ vinyl sticker
•’Riot Gimp’ mini poster
•Personalised ‘Detention slip’

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