A5. 24 pages, including covers. Full colour throughout.
Includes a set of 5 free trading cards.

Mukbang is a sci-fi comedy comic that brings together a group of friends for a night of carefree fun and excess.

A simple story, woven around the concept I originally had when I started making this comic: every page has to feature some visual hook that would theoretically catch my eye during a casual flip through at the comic shop, ranging from the subtle, to the obvious, to the obscene!

Obviously, since “a casual flip through at a comic shop” isn’t as easy as it was last year, you can head over to my Twitter page @sheriffFreak and check out my pinned tweet thread, to have a glance at every page, laid out, minus a few text boxes. Carful not to look too hard and spoil it for yourself, but hopefully you’ll see something that will make you go “Fuck it, I’ll take a chance on this!”

As mentioned, this book is NOT for kids, adults only, and all that.

Postage £1 within the UK, or 50p when bought with another item.